How I Caught the Triathlon Bug

My good friend and mentor Ruben Solis and I were on a long bike ride a few years ago in Galveston,TX. He was telling me I should try to do a triathlon as he’d been doing them for a while and he had been enjoying them. He thought it would be fun fresh new sport for me since I had been bike racing for years. I was reluctant to do a triathlon since haven’t ran since high school and I didn’t really know how to swim very well. I started to train which included taking swim lessons and having everybody including young and old pass me in the pool. I ended up doing a sprint triathlon and was super nervous about the swim. I had to breast stroke part of the way as I got overzealous at the start and spiked my heart rate. I was immediately hooked as I wanted to do another race and improve. I have really enjoyed the the daily training, lifestyle and friends I have made.