How I Caught the Triathlon Bug

After college graduation forced my retirement from swimming I was looking for something to fill the void. I drifted along aimlessly for a few years trying to stay fit by lifting weights, running, and an occasional bike ride. Back then a 30 minute run seemed like a monumental accomplishment! My parents purchased a road bike for me as a college graduation gift, but I never got into cycling until my best friend asked me to do a sprint triathlon in 2008. I signed up and the rest was history. Despite being woefully under prepared, I instantly fell in love with the sport it has become a significant part of my life ever since. I love long distance racing and the physical, mental, and emotional challenges it presents. I am grateful for the opportunity to be a member of Team EMJ and associated with great athletes, a great brand, and amazing sponsors. I draw my inspiration from my family and my teammates. Getting my butt out the door to train is so much easier knowing I am accountable to 74 other supremely talented teammates busting their butts all over the country.