How I Caught the Triathlon Bug

While studying for my MBA a classmate of mine suggested that I try a triathlon if I wanted a challenge that was something other than running. I went into my first triathlon training session unable to finish one length of the pool! I kept trying, training, and even took some swim lessons…learning to swim in your late 20’s is not easy. I signed up for my first sprint triathlon a short time later. I toed the line excited and nervous, but I am always very competitive so that drive fueled me. Despite having to role onto my back and perform the backstroke several times, because I thought I was going to drowned, and swimming probably twice the length needed since I could not swim in a straight line I managed to finish. It was a very rough start to triathlon, but it was a humbling experience with a great atmosphere that I knew I wanted to try again. 12 years later I am still very active in triathlon, enjoy the training and racing aspects, and sharing all of these experiences with my family and friends.