How I Caught the Triathlon Bug

After dabbling in several other sports throughout my youth, a friend finally convinced me to try cross country running during my junior year of high school in Florida. The honesty and straightforwardness of the sport of distance running resonated with me, and I continued on to run cross country and track in college at Bradley University in Illinois after graduating high school in 2010. A series of recurring injuries slowly suffocated my collegiate running career, however, and I eventually walked away from running at the beginning of my junior cross season. After about six months of recovery and restlessness, I gradually made my way into triathlon, and completed my first race at the Rockford Triathlon in June of 2013. It was the most difficult and most painful athletic feat I’d ever attempted, but despite that, somehow, I was hooked. I quickly became very active in the Triathlon Club at Bradley and, after graduating with my B.S.M.E. in spring 2014, continued into the Georgia Tech Triathlon Club when I joined the M.E. Ph.D. program here in the fall. Since then, triathlon has been a daily passion.