How I Caught the Triathlon Bug

After several years of traveling for work, I had put on a “small-child” worth of extra weight, was out of shape, continuously trying to quit smoking and very depressed.  In an “ah ha” moment, I realized that I needed to make a lifestyle change not only for my own health but also as an example for my 2 kids (Kennedy – 11 and Sawyer – 8).  In 2008, my wife and I were connected with a group that biked to raise money for diabetes research.  The camaraderie was amazing and the cycling was addicting.  The excess weight was coming off but not nearly fast enough for my goals, so I started running to burn the extra calories.  The weight melted away and I ended up losing 70 lbs!  A friend suggested a triathlon, so I signed up for the sprint (figuring I was good to go since I swam a couple of times as a toddler).  The day before the event, I heard a friend was doing the Olympic distance, so not to be outdone, I switched to the Olympic.  The race was exhilarating; it fueled my competitive spirit; and was a lifestyle that was…life changing.