How I Caught the Triathlon Bug

My Fraternity was selected to receive special designations for selecting a current member, having them raise money for the ALS foundation, and then completing an athletic endeavor of their choosing. I player soccer all throughout high school and had done a lot of running as a result, so I wanted to choose an event that was out of my comfort zone and not just another 5k. Some ‘friends’ told me that triathlons were a unique sport that was composed of three separate sports combined into one race. It sounded like fun, so I signed up for my first 70.3 and started raising money and awareness for ALS. That first summer of training was the hardest summer of my life. Raising money was the easy part as my body was not ready for the training that ensued. Every night I went to bed fatigued and woke up exceptionally sore. I was able to finish come race day, but just barely. This started a fire for triathlons that I have yet to quench.