How I Caught the Triathlon Bug



My oldest brother Brian had an old school allez bike with the Mark Allen triathlon bars. I borrowed his bike and made a bet with my three brothers that I could beat their relay! I thought triathletes wore speedos, so I shaved my legs for the first time ever and bought a speedo. “Price Check” on a small speedo, was called over the store intercom, with a line full of snickering. To add to my humiliation, I was the only one wearing a speedo at the race. Despite the speedo incident, I was hooked at the thrill of the various disciplines and especially loved that my favorite event was last. I was a horrible swimmer and held my own on the bike, but was able to blaze the runs. I never finished first and was just in awe of the guys who could swim and bike so well. I was fortunate to meet the woman of my dreams at a triathlon and year’s later I proposed to her on that same triathlon course. Triathlon helped my running, so I left the sport temporarily in 2006. After many running injuries, I came back to triathlon in 2012. It has been a great outlet for me and allows me to remain competitive and still do the things I love.